Multi-Channel Creative Director & Marketing Strategist: Your go-to leader for content creation and planning, integrated marketing campaign development, eCommerce design and promotions, digital, photo, video & print direction. If your Brand needs it, you and I can develop a solution together, and have a great time doing it.



During our time working together, Missy pushed me to go outside my comfort zone design wise and inspired me to create artwork I am really proud of. Missy helped me grow so much as a designer with her vast knowledge of the industry and creativity. She is also an extremely organized, passionate leader and would be an excellent addition to any team.

As a young designer starting out, I feel so fortunate that Missy was my boss. During the time I reported to her, she helped me grow not only in my design skills, but pushed me to learn things in all aspects of business. I always felt supported, valued, and respected by her. Missy is someone who is self sufficient, knowledgeable, creative, and reliable. When the going gets tough, you definitely want Missy on your team. The commitment she puts into everything she does is something to aspire to. She continues to be a mentor to me and if the chance ever arises again I would work for her in a heartbeat.

Hiring Missy made my job easier, as she was extremely passionate and committed to revamping the brands, building a strong team and raising the bar on talent. She was tireless in her efforts to instill a discipline of cohesive, compelling assets that told a story of the brands. Her experience...led to many successful integrated, omni-channel that were seamless from online to in-store. I would heartily recommend Melissa to any company looking for a strong leader who can manage all levels of employees.

Alissa F. | Marketer / Graphic Designer

Melissa S. | Graphic Designer

Carrie M. | VP of Marketing



A Creative Director with over 10 years experience leading teams and executing flawless creative marketing campaigns, I conquer business challenges with fresh, innovative ideas, delivering on time, every time, with no excuses. I build strong, exceptionally creative teams from the ground up, working hard to develop processes that allow my employees to showcase their talents and thrive. I lead by example, and I don’t ask my team to perform tasks I haven’t done or wouldn’t do to keep projects on track. As a director, I possess the unique ability to switch from creative design and development to analytical reviews of data, budgets and timelines without skipping a beat.

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