Claire's Project BFF


In 2017, Claire’s was focused on connecting to our customers in an engaging and fun way, and inviting real-life best friends to model in the Summer campaign was a key strategy in highlighting the beauty of our customers, both inside and out. Partnering with the Director of Marketing, we developed a contest to search for 2 pairs of Best Friends, one from the US and one from Europe, to come to the Chicago offices, star in our seasonal photo shoot and execute an act of kindness in line with their favorite charity. Marketing plans included the contest, running from January 1-31, selecting finalists, and planning the in-store and online engagement programs including celebrating Best Friends Day -all week long- and the seasonal “Acts of Kindness” program.


Role: Associate Creative Director + Strategic Marketing Partner


Techniques: Marketing Strategy and Planning, Creative Concept and Execution, Creative Direction, Creative Design, POP Design and implementation

Concept Presentation


As Associate Creative Director, I lead my team to conceptualize the visual look of the campaign both in-store and online. Incorporating handwritten graphic treatments with studio photography and bold brand colors, the Project BFF campaign was designed to ensure the photography captured with non-model talent would still look fresh and professional in any application.

Concept Execution


The final execution of the creative content closely mirrored the conceptual presentation, maintained a clear design consistency across multiple channels and platforms, and executed the marketing strategies in-store and online.