Dash Series Launch

Packaging Redesign

Cobra’s Dash Series launched in July of 2018 with a series of 4 new Dash Cameras. Similar to the older series, the new cameras had improved functionality and better features, and with these improvements we felt it was essential to redesign not only the packaging, but establish a comprehensive style guide for the brand. The new packaging is more compact than the original, with orange or blue highlights, distinguishing the regular cameras from the Bluetooth™ enabled versions. Care was given to ensure the upgrade story was apparent on shelf, with the more expensive models showing additional bullet points and upgraded features.


Role: Creative Director + Director of Marketing


Techniques: Product Launch Strategy and Planning, Creative Concept and Execution, Creative Direction, Creative Design, Photo Direction, Video Direction, POP Design and implementation .

Photo and Video Direction


As Creative Director, I conceptualized and art directed the Dash Series launch videos and photo shoots with Hammerhead Entertainment. The goal was to align our content to target 3 unique audiences- Tech Savvy Drivers, Worried Moms, and Rideshare Drivers. Each video aligns to the brand standards and as a collection, the continuity is apparent, despite their distinct stories.

A+ Content

To ensure our content effectively communicated features and benefits to the DTC customer, my team and I researched and developed quality A+ content for use on Amazon, Bestbuy.com, and our own Cobra.com sites.


Digital Campaign Materials


A complete suite of digital launch assets were created for use by our digital marketing team, formatted for Facebook, Instagram and twitter. 15 second videos were edited for use on YouTube Pre-roll and retargeting ads were provided. Finally, we created a landing page for Cobra.com