Rox Launch

In 2017 Cobra launched a new brand of value-driven action cameras. As Creative Director and Director of Marketing, I partnered with the product manager and VP of Marketing to develop a comprehensive marketing plan, introducing the product to the market with a clear brand marketing message. “Free Yourself From the Phone” campaign was designed to address the biggest issue facing action cams, the use of phone cameras in place of a true action camera.


To begin, we created a comprehensive sales and marketing deck to educate our sales teams to the launch program and materials offered.


Role: Creative Director + Director of Marketing


Techniques: Marketing Strategy and Planning, Creative Concept and Execution, Creative Direction, Creative Design, Photo Direction, Video Direction, POP Design and implementation


Market Research Initiative

As Marketing Director, I implemented a small scale market research program, reaching out to members of our target market, 15-25 year olds, and offered free product in exchange for supplied real-life footage to be used in marketing materials. From a creative perspective, the program was a low-cost alternative to hiring models and attempting to capture varied content with the products. All footage used in our campaign videos was captured by the market researchers in exchange for free product.



Retail Sales Initiative

As a part of the launch initiative, we developed a Walmart exclusive ROX camera pack. As Marketing Director, I developed the presentation materials for the sales team, highlighting the key features and benefits as well as relating the product directly to the Walmart customer.